Email for instructions if you would like to donate by cash or check.

Why Donate?

Building an organic family farm is a tough, hardscrabble endeavor and we would never have made it this far without the generous gifts of so many friends, family, and customers. This is as much your farm as ours.

Our mission is to serve our community through producing nutrient dense, health building food in a manner that respects our animals and restores the environment. We are an independent small family farm and not a marketing conglomerate or Big Ag green-washing label and therefore not subsidized by cheap credit, government handouts/baleouts, inherited wealth and other subsidies which many farms and business can take advantage of.

We have committed everything we are and have to provide healthy food to the people who so desperately need it. But we cannot do it alone; the cost of starting a farm is too great for one young family to bear. But with your help we can and will do it.

Thank you for your support. Together we’re making a difference!

Peter & Susan Gasper
Gasper Family Farm
Fort Scott, KS